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How to refer?

Referral: What is it?

Referral is the process of sending patients to a clinician with more appropriate or advanced clinical knowledge, experience or expertise.

What species do we treat?

AMCR primarily treat the commonly kept pet species (cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas etc.), but we are also happy to treat birds and exotic species.
We also accept referral of farm animals e.g. alpacas, sheep and goats for both medical and surgical investigations and treatment.
Equine ophthalmic investigations may also be arranged.

Who makes the referral?

In veterinary medicine a referral is usually suggested by an animal’s regular veterinary surgeon, but it can be requested by an owner.
The referral is arranged by the vet. It is often made to a specific clinician, but may be to a referral centre where there is more than one clinician with
the appropriate expertise, or where the necessary equipment is available. Vets – download information on referring to AMCR.

The purpose and duration of the referral

The veterinary surgeon making the referral should supply the necessary details for the referral clinician: reason for referral, the animal’s history,
results of any investigation already performed and any other relevant information.

Duration of referral may vary depending on the patient’s condition, time required for the investigation, appropriate treatment and follow-up appointments. Once this has been dealt with, the referral clinician will sign off the case and the animal will then return to its regular vet for further care.

Referral to AMCR

For specific information on referral to AMCR please see the Manchester and Yorkshire pages of our web site where referral information packs can be downloaded.


Where the pet owner wishes to arrange a direct claim, wherever possible, arrangements must be in place prior to initial consultation.
Details of the policy, current and previous claims will be required.

Insurance companies have differing criteria, pet owners should contact their own insurance provider for full details.

We strongly recommend that an insurance claim is initiated as soon as possible by the referring veterinary practice as failure to do so may prevent us from being able to organise a direct claim. Please note that most insurance companies cannot be contacted outside normal working hours and we may not be able to authorise direct payment from the insurers until the next working day.

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